4 Books on Content Marketing You Should Own and Read

January 9, 2023

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// By Jim Samuel //

Jim-SamuelThere’s no shortage of books about content marketing. Here are our top picks.

Content marketing should be an essential part of any healthcare organization’s marketing efforts. A good content marketing program can help you generate organic search results that let you build awareness, educate the market, and drive volume to your website.

If you’re building a content marketing library for yourself or your staff, you may wonder what books to choose from the thousands of content marketing books currently available. Here are four that will make a great start to your library.

1. Content Inc.

When you want to learn the concepts, there’s no one better to go to than the godfather of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi. That’s because Pulizzi brought the term content marketing into widespread use and founded the Content Marketing Institute in 2011.


Joe Pulizzi

Pulizzi’s book, Content Inc., is the go-to book to help anyone understand the basic concepts of content marketing.

Keep reading to get tips from experts who have written the books on how to:

  • Develop content — and a content strategy
  • Apply data and measurement to your strategy and tactics
  • Keep the pipeline filled
  • Enlist other “writers” in your organization.

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