5 Ways to Measure Marketing Growth Beyond Tracking Pixels

September 13, 2023
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Shawn Gross

Health system marketing is more than gathering marketing pixel data — it’s about creating measurable business growth that offers real value and builds long-term loyalty.

Amid the turbulence of healthcare privacy reforms, marketers are caught up in a tug of war between adherence and effectiveness.

While debates about tracking pixels, OCR’s guidance, and evolving state regulations dominate the conversation, it’s essential that we keep our eyes on the primary objective: reporting marketing’s tangible ROI and effectiveness in driving business growth to C-suite executives.

Beyond Pixels: Broadening the Horizon

Today’s privacy discourse, saturated with the intricacies of tracking pixels and data security, misses the forest for the trees. It’s not just about gathering personal user data but about creating meaningful experiences that connect with people during life’s biggest moments.

The main goal of health system marketing should be about establishing impactful relationships between your brand and patients, caregivers, jobseekers, donors, researchers, and more, while measuring the effectiveness and modifying tactics based on real-world feedback and outcomes.

In a new article, Shawn Gross reveals five strategies for health system and hospital marketers to develop a comprehensive plan that establishes and reports on marketing’s impact without an overreliance on tracking pixels. There’s just one catch — it’s going to require building stronger collaborations outside of marketing to thrive.

Still have pixel questions? We’ve also included a sidebar with suggested actions for managing privacy issues related to tracking pixels.

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