AI Tools You Need to Boost Your Healthcare Marketing on Social Media

April 26, 2023

As hospitals and health systems seek to expand their digital presence, they are increasingly turning to AI-powered tools to enhance their social media marketing strategies. So, is your organization staying on top of the AI trends?

Open AI logoYou’ve likely already experienced this scenario. You sidle up to your computer, scroll to ChatGPT, and type in a prompt: Write three social media posts for [INSERT YOUR AUDIENCE] for [INSERT HEALTHCARE HASHTAG HOLIDAY]. Within seconds, the AI tool types out social media posts, emojis and all.

In these early days of AI use, it can feel like magic. Naysayers will argue that AI delivers cookie-cutter responses and doesn’t create engaging content. It can’t add a human dimension. And it can’t access an organization’s subject matter expertise.

Or can it?

While the release of ChatGPT and other AI platforms serves up as many questions as answers, one thing is clear: Marketing has irrevocably changed.

Those who find ways to use AI tools for social media effectively will save time creating and analyzing content. Following is a roundup of the existing tools.

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