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Are You Maximizing Your “Find a Doctor” Strategy?

Noel Coleman

Part 1: Make Sure You Achieve These 5 Strategic Goals // By Noel Coleman // How do your customers identify providers in your network? Your answer could be very important to your organization’s success. Here’s why: Today, Find-a-Doctor tools (such as a physician directory on your website that is optimized to meet your patients’ needs Read More

City of Hope’s Digital-First Transformation

Robin Snow

// By Robin Snow // When Lisa Stockmon arrived at City of Hope National Medical Center in 2014 as chief marketing and communications officer, she was on a mission to transform the venerable comprehensive cancer center into a national brand and an international digital marketing powerhouse. She had the experience to do it, having completed Read More

How Brigham and Women’s Hospital Found Success with Facebook Live

facebook live logo

// By Melanie Graham // There’s no denying the popularity of Facebook’s live video feature. Within a year of its site-wide launch in April 2016, broadcasts quadrupled, and one in five videos on the platform was live. Meanwhile, users showed a strong response out the gate, even before the feature was available to everyone on Read More

Count to Three and They’re Gone — Why Page Speed Matters

Petra Gregorová, senior software engineer at ConnectiveDX

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // As the number of users accessing the internet from mobile devices continues to climb, an optimized mobile experience is becoming a must-have for healthcare and other industries. Although many hospitals and health systems have incorporated responsive web design into their websites, that may be just the starting point. The Read More

2017 eHealthcare Leadership Award Winners Announced

eHealthcare Leadership Awards

Winners of the 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Awards were announced today at a special keynote presentation at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Austin, Texas. Over 200 organizations, representing a broad industry spectrum, received recognition for their outstanding websites and digital communications. A total of 116 individuals familiar with healthcare and the internet judged the entries. See Read More

What Chatbots Need to Succeed in Healthcare

Melanie Graham

From small operations to large-scale providers, human-first is the key to a successful chatbot platform // By Melanie Graham // For Jonno Boyer-Dry, creating a chatbot for cancer patients wasn’t a project based on financial goals or institutional efficiency. It was something that emerged out of personal experience. “Part of what is maddening about being Read More

Keep Your Community Benefit Reports Relevant

CentraCare Health Community Benefit Report Home Page Screen Capture

Community benefit reports have been an important component of hospital communication strategies for many years. For nonprofit healthcare systems, this reporting mechanism is required to demonstrate the positive impact they have had on community health to retain tax exemptions and other benefits. But as consumers’ information consumption habits have changed, the format and role of Read More

Fresh Facebook Strategies That Maximize Visibility

Aaron Watkins, senior director of internet strategy and digital content marketing at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Any marketer will tell you that Facebook is one of the most powerful tools your brand can harness. It continues to show its strength as the most popular social media app, growing its active user base to more than 2 million and posting one successful quarter after another. But with more competition, new users, and Read More

Digital-First Approach with Emphasis on Video Strengthens Community Benefit Reports and Annual Reports

Anthony Gardner, vice president of marketing & communications at CentraCare Health

// By Lisa D. Ellis // Community benefit reports have been an important component of hospital communication strategies for many years. For nonprofit healthcare systems, this reporting mechanism is required to demonstrate the positive impact they have had on community health to retain tax exemptions and other benefits. But as consumers’ information consumption habits have Read More

Healthcare Marketers Look to Analytics, Live Video for Facebook Success

Melanie Graham

How healthcare brands are freshening up their Facebook strategy with testing, targeted audiences, and Facebook Live. // By Melanie Graham // Any marketer will tell you that Facebook is one of the most powerful tools your brand can harness. It continues to show its strength as the most popular social media app, growing its active Read More

Joe Healthcare Marketer, You Are Cordially Invited to the C-Suite

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // In a March 2016 article, “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! Lehigh Valley Health Network Revs It Up with Integrated CRM/PRM Strategy,” we got right up to the starting line with the health system’s CRM selection and implementation, and learned about its ambitious plans for the future. It’s been 18 months, Read More

The Front Door Is NOT Your Hospital’s Website: Why Reputation Management Matters

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Hospitals and health systems think of their websites as the digital “front door” to their organizations, but before consumers get there, search engine results could steer them away to competitors with higher star ratings and more positive reviews. Reputation is everything. The sheer number of places consumers post information Read More

Choosing the CRM that’s Right for You

Choosing the CRM that's Right for You - White Paper Cover Image

// Sponsored Post //

If you’re ready to put your healthcare organization at the forefront of the industry, it’s time to invest in a CRM solution.

As consumers become savvier healthcare shoppers, hospital marketers need technology that can help them target and engage those potential patients. Your health system should invest in a robust CRM platform that allows you to collect data about consumers in your market, store it all in one place, and use it to develop personalized campaigns and strategies.

“Choosing the CRM That’s Right for You” explores what CRM is, the benefits of using a dedicated healthcare CRM solution, and tips for choosing and implementing a new CRM system. Produced by Healthgrades, this buyer’s guide shows you how a CRM platform can help you:

  • Understand and engage consumers at the individual level
  • Develop data-driven strategies
  • Get the most from your people and resources
  • Prove the effectiveness of your marketing department

Download now »

Healthcare Digital Marketing Toolkit

Healthcare Digital Marketing Toolkit

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You don’t have to be a super hero to achieve healthcare digital marketing success, but it helps!

With all the competing channels and goals you juggle, finding measurable return on your marketing investments can be tough. Are you building on a solid foundation? Or do you need a few more tools in your belt to really reach great heights?

The new Digital Marketing Toolkit from Influence Health offers tips, templates, and a winning strategy to help you:

  • Evaluate all your current digital marketing assets
  • Define your consumer personas and map their unique journeys
  • Create a solid strategy
  • Set realistic and measurable goals
  • Calculate return on investment
  • Stay flexible and adaptable
  • Convince your executives to support your mission

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Healthcare Consumer Experience In 2017

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A Practical Guide for Healthcare Executives, Marketers, Clinicians, IT Professionals

It’s time to come together.

Today’s patient engagement is consumer engagement. And when you create a superior digital consumer experience in healthcare, you drive everything from brand awareness to patient acquisition to consumer engagement to loyalty. But understanding how to accomplish this with healthcare technology across channels and with different stakeholders across your organization can be challenging.

This guide covers everything from healthcare CRM to hospital websites to social media to patient portals to cutting-edge consumer experience tools with a strategy for getting healthcare executives, marketers, clinicians, and IT professionals all on the same page. We’ve presented a road map for better healthcare consumer experiences.

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What Are the Top 3 Challenges Healthcare Chief Marketing Officers Face?

Kathy Divis, president and co-founder of Greystone.Net

Ask the Expert, with Kathy Divis // By Jane Weber Brubaker // What keeps chief marketing officers up at night? We asked Kathy Divis, president and co-founder of Greystone.Net, to weigh in on the top concerns of marketing executives in healthcare organizations. While acknowledging that there are many and diverse challenges in today’s complex environment, Read More

How Analytics and Collaboration Can Help Build a Successful Digital Team

Kelly Faley, Vice President of Web Strategies at Sharp HealthCare

// By Melanie Graham // As more and more patients look to online channels to find information and interact with providers, strong digital teams are becoming increasingly important in the healthcare industry. But creating a successful digital team is about more than just hiring talented individuals; it also requires a collaborative environment, a balance of Read More

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Mobile App Puts Vaccine Information in Parents’ Hands

#HCMKTG Short Takes // By Samantha Drake // As questions and confusion surrounding the need for childhood vaccines persist, healthcare organizations are creating easy-to-use digital resources to convey reliable vaccine information to parents. Mobile apps are a popular way to reinforce recommendations, dispel misconceptions, and build trust. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Vaccine Education Center Read More

As Twitter Numbers Lag, Experts Focus on Conversation Over Clicks

Melanie Graham

How Healthcare Marketers Are Adjusting Social Strategies to Maintain Success on Twitter // By Melanie Graham // It’s no secret that Twitter is a mainstay of the healthcare marketing tool kit. But as the social media landscape evolves, Twitter’s role as a content marketing channel is evolving as well. Although it comes as no real Read More

Customer Experience the Piedmont Way

Matt Gove, chief consumer officer of Piedmont Healthcare

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Your brand is the sum of the experiences a customer has with you, says Matt Gove, chief consumer officer at Piedmont Healthcare in Georgia. This definition goes beyond the conventional scope of patient experience, or as Gove consistently refers to it: customer experience. Patient experience historically has been a Read More

Alexa, Find Me a Doctor

Shawn Gross, White Rhino

// By Shawn Gross // The robotic yet charming voice of Alexa can help you find a good movie, make a payment on your credit card, get airline fares for a trip to Dublin, or see how many calories are in the banana you’re eating. With an estimated 11 million devices sold, the Amazon Echo Read More

Virtual-Reality Simulations as Part of a Comprehensive Treatment Strategy

// By Lisa D. Ellis // Imagine that you’re lounging on the beach of a tropical island, listening to the waves lapping at the shore, feeling the breeze wafting over your skin, and hearing the seagulls squawk. With the latest virtual-reality tools that exist today, you—and your patients—can have this type of relaxing experience even Read More

Goodbye, Bulky Patient Handbooks; Hello, Service Line Apps

eHealthcare Pulse // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Printing patient education pamphlets, brochures, and information kits isn’t cheap. It’s one thing if patients actually use them. But do they? Two hospitals thought mobile apps might be a better solution. Luke Poppish is executive director of the OB/GYN service line at South Shore Hospital near Boston, Read More

Smartphone App Helps Excela Health Connect with Email-Averse Employees

// By Samantha Drake // The internal communications team at Excela Health, a community health system outside of Pittsburgh, had numerous ways to connect with employees, from the HR newsletter to a variety of social media platforms. Yet employees continuously complained they didn’t know what was going on. “People would text ‘Nobody ever tells us Read More