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The State of Healthcare Digital Marketing

Ben Dillon

Survey Results Are In! Everything You Need to Know to Make the Best Decisions This Year!

An eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar on demand for healthcare marketers and digital strategists

Your Presenter:
Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

The 9th edition of Geonetric’s Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey is an indispensable resource. It will give you an inside view based on data from over 300 organizations — more than 260 hospitals and health systems and more than 40 agency partners who responded to the 2019 edition of the survey, the largest ever.

This year, Geonetric incorporated feedback from multi-year survey takers who confirmed that this data is a “must have” planning tool for all healthcare digital marketers.

This webinar will be a SNEAK PEEK at the survey report — be sure to attend and you’ll be among the first to see this year’s results!

You’ll Learn:

  • Whether your organization is a leader, average, or lagging compared to the industry overall
  • How much leaders are spending on digital marketing, and the percentage digital marketing is of the overall marketing budget
  • The top goals healthcare marketing teams are working towards
  • How your peers and competitors are using digital technology, from CRM to personalization
  • How leading healthcare organizations structure their teams, determine budgets, manage business listings, allocate resources, and much more.

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Survey Highlights Healthcare Digital Marketing’s Growth, Challenges

Jared Johnson

// By Jared Johnson // Digital marketing in healthcare is in the midst of an evolution, with some revealing trends, including a mixed view of customer relationship management (CRM) and emerging technologies, according to the 4th Annual State of Digital Marketing for Hospitals report. The report, administered by Greystone.Net and Klein & Partners, highlights responses Read More

How Do Healthcare Organizations Go Beyond Minimum Requirements to Make Digital Experiences Welcoming to People of All Abilities?

Ask the Expert with Simon Dermer, Managing Director, eSSENTIAL Accessibility // By Jared Johnson // Healthcare organizations that invest in their patients with disabilities reap significant rewards. They enjoy loyalty and high patient satisfaction from the largest minority group in the world. But doing so requires going beyond the minimum requirements for website accessibility. It Read More

How to Make Your Chatbot More Human-Like

Althea Fung

Continuing Evolution of Healthcare AI Improves Consumer Experience // By Althea Fung // Chatbots — a computer program or artificial intelligence (AI) that has text or voice conversations — are redefining customer service, especially in healthcare. A 2017 Juniper Research study found that healthcare providers that use chatbots can expect average time savings of just Read More

Best Practices for Managing SEO Internally

Joshua Francis, webmaster and digital strategy at Bozeman Health

Insight from the Bozeman Health Digital Team // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Bozeman Health is a rural health system serving southwest Montana, with two hospitals, 20 clinics, and 150 providers. “Montana is an interesting puzzle when it comes to healthcare because we are about 90 percent of the size of California with about a Read More

Evolving Website Redesign: Duke Health’s Research-Driven Approach

Debbe Geiger, director of content strategy, Duke Health, with Chad Roberts, UX designer, Duke Health

// By Melanie Graham // It’s been more than five years since Duke Health relaunched its consumer website (DukeHealth.org), but the redesign process is far from over. “We planned for our website to evolve into an engaging user experience as we learned more about our audience, who they are, and why they’re coming to our Read More

Adopting Consumer-Centric Technology to Become a Market Differentiator and Transformation Leader

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Free White Paper by Healthgrades & Gartner

Want to learn more about how your investments in technology can pay off?

New research from Gartner takes you through the Hype Cycle for Consumer Engagement with Healthcare and Wellness to guide impactful investments in new technology.

Technology is the new front door to healthcare, conveniently connecting consumers with providers. Seamless access to care is now an expectation of modern patients, leaving health systems to figure out the best ways to provide a centralized view into their organization, physicians, and services.

In this new white paper, you’ll learn how to identify technology solutions that help address consumer needs – such as patient self-scheduling – to make the right investments and set the organization up as a market leader.

Discover this important research and more.

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What Is Digital Transformation?

Chris Riegger, COO, Modea

Ask the Expert with Chris Riegger, COO, Modea   // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Digital experience isn’t just digital anymore. It’s not enough to build a great new website, or launch a mobile app. Your digital initiatives have to connect with and support the entire customer experience. That’s what consumers have grown to expect. Read More

Teaming Up with Entrepreneurs to Tackle Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges

Melanie Graham

// By Melanie Graham // Every year, thousands of investors and healthcare industry leaders descend on San Francisco for the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. It’s a huge, four-day event that brings together start-ups, large corporations, providers, and pharmaceutical companies. But down the street, while the J.P. Morgan conference is just getting started, another community Read More

Blurred Lines: Marketing and Ethics in the Brave New World, Part 2

Danny Fell

// By Daniel Fell // The following article is Part 2 of a 2-part series. (Read Part 1 here). The series was adapted from the panel presentation Blurred Lines: Marketing and Ethics in the Brave New World held at the 2018 Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) in Scottsdale, Arizona. Panel members include Karen Corrigan, founder and Read More

Podcast Picks

Jane Weber Brubaker

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // What is it about podcasts that makes the good ones so fun to listen to? Here’s what I think: It’s the same reason you wind up sitting in your parked car, having arrived at your destination, so you can hear the end of a great story on NPR. It’s Read More

Is Healthcare Ready for AI-Enabled EQ?

Jane Weber Brubaker

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The Innovators, Walter Isaacson’s follow-up to his blockbuster biography of Steve Jobs, is a history of the development of computers and the internet, and the creative minds behind them. The book closes with a chapter about artificial intelligence (AI) and a discussion of whether it will ever be equal Read More

Blurred Lines: Marketing and Ethics in the Brave New World, Part 1

Danny Fell

// By Daniel Fell // The following article was adapted from the panel presentation Blurred Lines: Marketing and Ethics in the Brave New World held at the 2018 Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) in Scottsdale, Arizona. Panel members included Karen Corrigan, founder and CEO of Corrigan Consulting; David Feinberg, chief marketing officer at Mount Sinai Health Read More

How to Create a Personalized Web Experience Without Getting Creepy

Melanie Graham

// By Melanie Graham // When talking about healthcare provider websites, the word “personalization” will give most people pause. With today’s heightened awareness around patient privacy and HIPAA, how can a healthcare provider effectively personalize a website without going too far? This was a question Main Line Health faced in 2015-2016 when it took on Read More

M&A News: Healthgrades Acquires Influence Health

Rob Draughon

Conversation with Rob Draughon, CEO, Healthgrades // By Jane Weber Brubaker // On January 8, Healthgrades announced its acquisition of Influence Health at the 37th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. We spoke with Healthgrades CEO Rob Draughon to hear more about the strategy and plans for the combined portfolio of products and Read More

Gamified Cybersecurity Tool Empowering Consumers – Coming Soon!

Jane Weber Brubaker

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // A few days ago, a headline popped up: “Marriott Hacking Exposes Data of Up To 500 Million Guests.” Not again. First a health insurance company. Then a credit reporting agency. And now a hotel chain I frequent. How does this happen? Where is the weak link that allows major Read More

Chris Boyer’s Crystal Ball: Top 7 Digital Trends in 2019

Chris Boyer, director of digital and analytics at University of Minnesota Health and Fairview Health

// By Sheryl Jackson // We asked Chris Boyer, 2018 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame inductee, director of digital and analytics at University of Minnesota Health and Fairview Health, and host of the touch point podcast to weigh in on digital trends that will affect hospitals and health systems in 2019. Digital transformation is critical Read More

Healthcare Marketing Analytics: 6 Things We Learned with Our New Data Scientist

Jared Johnson, manager, digital marketing services at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

// By Jared Johnson // Data-driven marketing is the holy grail in today’s environment of accountability. To get there, many organizations are investing in data scientists. Phoenix Children’s Hospital is one of them. In this article, Jared Johnson, manager of marketing technology and analytics at Phoenix Children’s, shares his experience from Year One of having Read More

Hospital Digital Experience Index: Webinar on Demand

Dave Wieneke and Aaron Watkins

Details from the latest study of 15 top-ranked hospitals’ websites — and takeaways you can apply at your organization

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An eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar on demand for healthcare marketers and digital strategists

Your Presenters:

  • Dave Wieneke, Healthcare Practice Director, Connective DX
  • Aaron Watkins, Senior Director of Internet Strategy & Digital Content Marketing, Johns Hopkins Medicine

The latest Hospital Digital Experience Index (HDX-15) is out — and it’s chock-full of actionable insights based on detailed benchmarking and analytics.

Get an expert tour of the best digital work happening among leading organizations like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and others.

Dave Wieneke, healthcare practice director at Connective DX and lead developer of the HDX-15 methodology, will highlight the emerging trends and best practices observed across these 15 top websites.

Dave will be joined by special guest Aaron Watkins, senior director of internet strategy and digital content marketing at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to better connect with and serve your community by reflecting and representing diversity on your website
  • Why this may the the year of the phone, and how you can use digital to support it
  • Where most of your website traffic may be coming from
  • How you can respect the patient journey and personalize the digital experience

Join us on January 23 and get insights from top healthcare organizations that will help you enhance the digital experience for your website visitors.

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