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Lean Healthcare: Valuing What Patients Value

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Lean business practices have been around ever since Toyota devised the “Toyota Production System” to transform its manufacturing processes. The idea was further refined in the book Lean Thinking, and distilled down to five core ideas¹: Value—specify the value desired by the customer Value Stream—identify the value stream for Read More

Putting Podcasts to Work for Continuing Medical Education Credits

// By Lisa D. Ellis // Advances in technology in recent years have made it possible for health systems to streamline their efforts on many levels, from evaluating and monitoring patients remotely to sharing medical information among multiple sites in real time. Some medical centers are also creating audio podcasts to educate patients, the general Read More

Ten Hacks for Keeping at the Top of Your Marketing Game

Susan Solomon

 eHealthcare Pulse // By Susan Solomon // Programmatic advertising. Demand-side platforms. Private marketplace auctions.* It seems that there’s a “new next thing” in marketing every day. How does a savvy healthcare marketer keep up with it all? While it may appear that staying informed could be a full-time job, here are a few shortcuts and Read More

Big Data Delivers for South Nassau Communities Hospital

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The old adage “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is aspirational for innovators. Thomas Edison’s approach to innovation boiled down to two ideas: rapid iteration and a focus on customer needs. He defended his process against detractors who asked how it felt to fail 10,000 times Read More

eHealthcare Leadership Awards: A Closeup Look at Two Platinum Winners

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic are ranked #1 and #2 in the country respectively by U.S. News & World Report. But that doesn’t automatically mean that their websites will live up to their stellar clinical reputations. But they did, according to the 2016 eHealthcare Leadership Awards judges. These institutions Read More

Are You Meeting Healthcare Consumer Expectations?

Insights from New Study of Healthcare Consumers’ Digital Experience // By Becky Barney-Villano // Retail has done it for years. Restaurants have, too. Even the banking industry is now meeting consumer expectations for on-demand services with such capabilities as mobile deposits, and complicated mortgages are being closed with a few clicks from a smartphone. Healthcare Read More

Website Engagement: Marketing Doublespeak or Reachable Goal?

Dagmara Scalise, AVP strategic services and healthcare practice lead, Primacy

// By Dagmara Scalise // As the virtual front door to your organization, your website is perhaps the most important marketing platform outside of your onsite patient experience and actual physical environment. And yet, if you’re like most, there’s a good chance it’s outdated, unwieldly, or worst of all, underperforming on your marketing goals. (Assuming, Read More

Learning to Treat Healthcare Consumers Like Customers

Kyra Hagan

// By Kyra Hagan // Outside of healthcare, customer experience drives business. Retailers and hospitality providers have realized explosive revenue growth and brand loyalty by deploying best practices in customer engagement. What are those best practices? World-class customer experience requires tightly integrating cross-channel data to bridge digital and in-person encounters. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has Read More

Short-Term Wins, Long-Term Strategy: CRM at Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children's Logo - Square

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Managing change is hard, even for innovative organizations like Boston Children’s Hospital. “That’s something I hear in all the businesses I’ve worked with, from GE to Cigna to here,” says William Gagnon, senior director of global digital strategy and customer engagement at Boston Children’s. Change is risky, and healthcare Read More

Call for Entries — 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Awards

eHealthcare Leadership Awards Logo

This leading awards program, which drew over 900 entries last year, recognizes the very best websites and digital communications efforts of healthcare organizations, online health companies, pharmaceutical/medical equipment firms, suppliers, and business improvement initiatives. Now in its 18th year, the awards program is presented by Plain-English Health Care, publisher of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends and Read More

Delivering a Consumer-Centric Quality and Safety Experience

Amber Welch, director of digital content for Ochsner Health System

// By Amber Welch // Need to book a hotel? Customer ratings and reviews are just a click away. Shopping for a car? You can easily compare features and overall quality on Consumer Reports. Looking for a new yoga class?  Read the reviews. But what about choosing a hospital, perhaps the most important purchase in Read More

eHealthcare Leadership Awards Acquired by Plain-English Media

eHealthcare Leadership Awards Logo

I’m pleased to announce that Plain-English Media, the parent company of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, has acquired the eHealthcare Leadership Awards from Health Care Communications of Rye, NY. The annual competition gives healthcare organizations of all sizes the opportunity to shine the spotlight on their digital success stories. The acquisition reunites the eHealthcare Leadership Awards Read More

What Is Ascension’s Marketing Vision for the Future?

Nick Ragone, chief marketing officer of Ascension

Ask the Expert, with Nick Ragone // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Nick Ragone is senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer at Ascension, the largest nonprofit health system in the U.S., with 2,500 sites of care in 24 states and the District of Columbia. He leads the “One Ascension” effort from the Read More

7 Ways Pandora Drives Results for Healthcare Advertisers

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // About one-fourth of the U.S. population listens to Pandora. That’s 82 million active listeners every month. Pandora’s free, ad-supported personalized music streaming service generated more than $1 billion in advertising revenue in 2016. Healthcare advertisers like OhioHealth, featured in a recent eHST article, are getting impressive results on Pandora. Read More

How 5 Health Systems Are Tackling Price Transparency

Average Price of Vaginal Delivery, by Facility. Source: HCI3 Report Card on State Price Transparency Laws—July 2016

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The nature of our health system in the U.S. is that it is massively complicated, with many variables that impact price. It’s extremely challenging for health systems to give an answer to a patient who asks a seemingly simple question: How much will this cost me? First a provider Read More

Game Changer: Uber-ized Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Nemours Logo

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Lack of access to reliable non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is more than an annoyance for patients who need care. It can prevent them from getting proper treatment and result in poor outcomes. The current system is rife with inefficiencies that negatively impact providers and patients. “If you have an Read More

The Lure of Live Video—Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

Likes bubbles

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Live video is not for the faint of heart. Consider the jaw-dropping gaffe at this year’s Academy Awards, when Warren Beatty got the wrong envelope and broke the hearts of the La La Land producers. So why does the social media team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin love live Read More

The 4 Pillars of Online Reputation Management for Healthcare Organizations

Pascal Bensoussan and Kirsten Saint Clair

// Sponsored Post //

An eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists

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  • Pascal Bensoussan, Chief Product Officer, Reputation.com
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View this in-depth webinar now and discover how to optimize your online presence.

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  • Manage your online reputation across all locations

Plus, you’ll hear how Immediate Clinic, an urgent care provider with 16 facilities in two states, increased ratings, visits and revenue after implementing its reputation management program.

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APIs: The Digital Glue That Will Save Healthcare From Itself

Emily Kagan Trenchard, associate vice president of digital & innovations strategy, Northwell Health

// By Emily Kagan Trenchard // I just got back from HIMSS 2017 in Orlando, Florida, and if this national conference of health IT professionals had a message, it was this: Patient engagement is the goal, so interoperability is the key. Why is that? Because to truly boost consumer engagement, we need to get our Read More