Ask the Expert: Kathy Divis Says Healthcare Marketers Need to Catch Up

April 29, 2015
Kathy Divis

Kathy Divis

Kathy Divis, President of and presenter at the recent Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit in Las Vegas, gave us a lot to think about in her presentation, “Five Digital Trends Healthcare Marketers Can No Longer Ignore.” Sharing her perspective on the current state of healthcare marketing, she says, “Healthcare is behind many other industries in terms of how we use digital technologies. We simply have to start using digital strategies that have been out there in other industries for years.”

In Part One of our two-part series, you’ll learn Kathy’s answers to these questions:

  • What are the major forces shaping healthcare marketing today?
  • How can healthcare organizations navigate the shift from traditional to digital?
  • Will the Chief Digital Officer replace the Chief Marketing Officer?
  • How has consumer behavior changed, and what are the implications?

In Part Two of the series, we’ll cover the five digital trends Kathy believes healthcare marketers need to start paying attention to now.

Read your new “Ask the Expert” with Kathy Divis, “What Major Forces Are Shaping Healthcare Marketing Today?

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