What Can Healthcare Marketers Do To Make Patient Portals More Compelling?

March 17, 2015

Ask the Expert with Shawn Gross

shawn-grossPwC’s healthcare group recently commented, “As patients behave more like consumers, healthcare organizations need to deliver a higher level of personalized service, satisfaction and overall experience—or risk losing business to the competition.”

If you’re a healthcare marketer driven to deliver the best possible patient experience, wouldn’t you love to have the opportunity to help shape this personalized service, satisfaction, and overall experience by integrating your hospital’s new patient portal into the DNA of your marketing website?

Sure, your website might have a landing page that links patients to the portal login screen, but today that’s like Amazon linking you to a different website when you’re ready to checkout.

I imagine that healthcare marketers are wishing their organization’s CIO would call and ask for help integrating the patient portal across the system’s digital properties. While you’re waiting for that call, here are five new ideas to help you prepare. And if no one is calling you, you can bring these five tips to your next technology committee meeting. Your organization needs your marketing expertise!

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