What Should Digital Healthcare Directors Focus on in 2014? Part Two

December 1, 2013

Ask The Expert with Mark S. Gothberg

Mark-GothbergWinners of the 2013 eHealthcare Leader­ship Awards, the com­petition’s 14th year, were recognized in November in New Orleans during a pres­entation at a healthcare Internet con­ference sponsored by Atlanta-based Greystone.Net. The November issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends listed the winners.

Last month’s “Ask the Expert” column discussed what digital pro­fessionals need to be working on in 2014 and beyond in the context of six award categories. This month’s column covers the remaining eight award categories.

Best Employee Recruitment

Some organizations have reduced staff during the past year to become leaner in response to current or anticipated reductions in reimburse­ments. Improved efficiencies are certainly warranted, but there is no doubt the addition of millions of newly insured patients will lead to a shortage of physicians, nurses, and other clinical and support staff. An outstanding employee recruitment section is vital in offering compelling reasons for the best candidates to apply and accept a job.

The best recruitment sites “tell a story” to potential candidates. A good site starts by having a compre­hensive section – or even a subsite – that stands on its own, without a lot of other extraneous, unrelated links.

It has an appealing design that sup­ports the image of the organization and uses rich media such as video, audio, Flash, and virtual tours to bring content alive.

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