Does Your Hospital or Health System Website Align with Your Brand?

March 27, 2024

When your website doesn’t reflect who you are today, it’s time for a change.

Connecticut Children’s launched its new website in January. “The last time we had a major overhaul was in 2017, so in website years, that is ancient in many ways,” says Christina DiBona, marketing director.


Matt Cyr, vice president, Health at Primacy

She describes the old site’s navigation as “very confusing” and notes that the site was not mobile-optimized. “Because we knew that a majority of our traffic was coming from mobile, it was just a complete dissatisfier in terms of our patient and family expectations,” she says.

The redesign was about much more than bringing the site up to today’s design standards. It was an opportunity to solidify the organization’s brand and differentiate it within the region. DiBona says, “We wanted to change the perception that we are not just a hospital but rather a health system. We operate in multiple states, and we have multiple locations.”

DiBona and her team worked closely with digital agency partner Primacy over a 15-month period to define the strategy, develop the site, and test every aspect, ensuring that it succeeded in meeting five strategic imperatives.

Commenting on the transformation from the old to the new site, Matt Cyr, vice president, Health at Primacy says, “It used to look like a hospital and now it looks like a comprehensive research-driven health system where you can go for services across the entire continuum of care — from everyday pediatrician appointments to treatments for the rarest conditions. That’s a digital differentiator — making the reality of the website match the reality of the brand.”

In our new article, you’ll get insights on Connecticut Children’s journey toward aligning its website with its vision and brand, including five strategic imperatives used to guide the project through development, testing, and launch.

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