IBM Marketing Catalyst: A Preconfigured Healthcare Marketing Stack

May 9, 2018

leveraging-watson-and-adobeWhat do you get when you cross IBM Watson with five Adobe marketing tools? A smart, HIPAA-compliant, preconfigured marketing stack curated for healthcare that doesn’t take years to implement. That’s the case IBM is hoping to prove to healthcare and life sciences organizations with its new offering, IBM Marketing Catalyst. Developed by digital consultancy IBM iX [interactive experience], the new platform was announced in late March at the annual Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.

The platform integrates Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Analytics, and enhances these marketing tools with IBM Watson APIs, including WeatherFX & Truven (a bundled API), Watson Discovery, Watson Personality Insights, and Watson NLU (natural language understanding).

IBM Marketing Catalyst was developed to help healthcare organizations “leap the chasm” and deliver customer experiences that consumers expect today. According to the 2017 State of Consumerism in Healthcare, 90 percent of healthcare systems know they need to improve the patient experience, yet only 30 percent have the tools to do so.

Paul Stoddart, vice president and partner, digital practice, health care and life sciences at IBM iX

Paul Stoddart, vice president and partner, digital practice, health care and life sciences at IBM iX

“What the solution is designed to do is allow healthcare organizations to build, launch, manage, and drive their multichannel campaigns, and be able to then enhance them further with things like Watson AI to vastly improve the ability to segment and target and personalize,” says Paul Stoddart, vice president and partner, digital practice, HCLS [health care and life sciences] at IBM iX.

The platform seeks to address three main challenges:

  • Solution selection and investment
  • Readiness for advanced capabilities
  • HIPAA compliance

Can a pre-built marketing stack help you get there faster? IBM iX is willing to help you find out.

Read the full article now and learn more: Meet IBM Marketing Catalyst — A New Marketing Platform Curated for Healthcare

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