You’re Getting a Lot of COVID-Related Traffic. Here’s What To Do With It.

May 13, 2020
David Sturtz, vice president of marketing and business development, Geonetric

David Sturtz, vice president of marketing and business development, Geonetric

“Healthcare doesn’t stop, especially in a crisis,” notes David Sturtz of Geonetric. “Healthcare marketers need to deliver timely, accurate information now more than ever. There’s no doubt Google is a key player in your communication strategy.”

Here’s an excerpt from his new article for us:

As you think about how to work with Google, there are a few important questions to keep in mind that should guide your plans right now:

  • Google is sending you a lot more traffic. What content are you delivering those visitors?
  • Some searchers never leave Google. Are they finding accurate information about your organization?
  • Google is working to prevent misinformation. How will that impact your paid strategies?
  • New data types are changing the game. Are you planning for these changes?

In short, when people turn to Google for answers in this altered landscape, how are you ensuring your information is found?

As might be expected, across our healthcare clients we are seeing significant increases in web traffic ranging from two- to eight-times normal weekly pageview volumes. Sites are seeing proportional increases for pageviews from organic search, indicating that a substantial portion of this new traffic is arriving by search, not by referrals or social media.

Search phrases related to the coronavirus have jumped to the top keywords for most sites. A few examples of the broad searches we are seeing at the top of the list include: “covid 19 symptoms,” “coronavirus in (city, state),” “coronavirus dizziness,” “coronavirus symptoms vs flu symptoms,” and “does coronavirus cause vomiting.”

Read the rest of the article now: COVID-19 and Google: What You Need to Know Now

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