How Your Mobile App Can Help Patients Find Their Way – Literally

March 11, 2020
Katie Logan, chief consumer officer, Piedmont Healthcare

Katie Logan, chief consumer officer, Piedmont Healthcare

Finding your way around a labyrinth of hospital hallways can be stressful, especially if you’re an outpatient rushing to a test, or a visitor looking for a sick loved one’s room. Even finding the cafeteria for a quick cup of coffee can be aggravating when you don’t know where you’re going and have only a few minutes.

Healthcare organizations have worked hard to improve the patient experience and map their journeys through the healthcare system. But how about putting a digital map in patients’ and visitors’ hands to help them find their way?

Katie Logan, chief consumer officer at Piedmont Healthcare, a system of 11 hospitals in Georgia, recently explained how Piedmont improved its app, Piedmont Now, to help patients, visitors, and employees navigate around its extensive hospital campuses. We followed up with her to learn more and get an update on the latest enhancements.

Logan explains that Piedmont uses “experience” as the common thread across all points of care. “If you haven’t mapped your customer journey, I think that’s a really critical exercise and important for every health system or provider to undertake,” she says. “Going through this exercise can help you create alignment across the organization.”

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With 67,000 Downloads and Counting, Piedmont Healthcare’s Mobile App Is Putting Patients and Visitors in the Driver’s Seat

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