How Small Teams Are Executing Big Strategic Content Plans

June 16, 2021
Andrew King

Andrew King, digital marketing manager, Adventist HealthCare

The pandemic commandeered most of the marketing resources of healthcare organizations during the past year or so, but in the background, marketing teams have been steadily pushing key initiatives forward, laying the foundation for post-pandemic activities.

Adventist HealthCare, an integrated health network based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, moved content from the organization’s WordPress blog into the system’s enterprise content management system, Geonetric’s VitalSite, as the first step toward creating a robust content hub, “Living Well.”

Previously, says Andrew King, digital marketing manager at Adventist HealthCare, “We had two different content management systems that sort of talked to each other through custom connectors, but not really that well. It was a headache to keep both optimized.”

Adventist HealthCare’s WordPress blog had been used primarily as a hosting platform for digital content. “It was really just a holding place for things that we put elsewhere in the marketing system,” King explains. “If we did an article for a magazine it would live in digital form on the blog so that we had a place to link to if we were sharing it on social media.”

“We have a small digital team at our health system — three people,” says King. “It was becoming too difficult for us as a small team to troubleshoot and manage a WordPress blog.”

The content hub, Living Well, is now home to the system’s blog content and much more. Site visitors can search for content that interests them either by clicking on “show me articles about…” and choosing one or more of the 20 topics — COVID-19, Diet, Heart and Vascular Care, Spiritual Care, and others — or by clicking “search articles” and entering a keyword.

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