Integrating Digital Media and Content Strategy

August 19, 2020

// By John Gonda //

Content marketing and digital media placement are becoming increasingly intertwined. To increase the impact of marketing efforts, coordination among paid, earned, and owned communication channels is vital.

By truly understanding the entire buyer’s journey, you can better align your media strategies to produce desired awareness and action. You can then support these strategies with relevant and engaging content that articulates differentiation and value.

Focus on Paid Advertising

When developing content, it is important to focus on how and where it will be distributed. According to a 2020 study by the Content Marketing Institute, 84 percent of B-to-B marketers use paid distribution channels as a strategic approach, and 72 percent of marketers indicate that having a good content strategy is a primary key to their success.

The benefit of paid advertising is that it allows a business to specifically target a segmented portion of its target audience. In today’s digital-first age, consumers can be targeted through paid channels based on geography, gender, age, interests, and more.

The use of paid tactics within social media is becoming increasingly prominent as well. This approach relates to the evolution of social media platform algorithms. For example, LinkedIn continues to emphasize genuine conversational posts appearing before self-promoted business content. Other platforms prioritize content from friends before that of businesses. These challenges make it even more important to align media strategies with content development.

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