At Mount Sinai Health System, Physicians Are Driving Social Media Success

March 10, 2021

Karen Wish, vice president and chief marketing officer, Mount Sinai Health System

Social media plays an important role in many healthcare systems’ efforts to promote their brands, engage their audiences, and share valuable information with their communities.

Mount Sinai Health System is no exception. Its 905,000 social media followers across the system make it the top health system on social media regionally and number three nationally. The system has more than 220 social media channels across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Achieving this level of social media activity across so many channels requires the intentional promotion of social media communications from a multitude of sources, not just marketing and communications staff members.

A social media physician ambassador program launched in early 2020 began with physicians identified by department chairs to serve as a social media leader for the department. The goal was to share news specific to the department’s clinical focus, ongoing research by the physician and colleagues, and news about Mount Sinai that is appropriate to the department’s specific audience.

Mount Sinai now has 120 physician social media ambassadors, some who were nominated initially by department chairs and others who asked to join the program after they saw how effectively their colleagues were expanding their networks.

An important component of the social media ambassador program is ongoing monitoring and analysis of every component to identify opportunities for improvement in the social media strategy of the health system as well as the ambassador program, says Karen Wish, vice president and chief marketing officer at Mount Sinai: “The data gives us insight into how we are engaging with our audiences and enables us to optimize our use of these platforms.”

Results in the first year of the program are impressive — read the full story now to learn more:

Physician Social Media Ambassadors Drive Multiple Benefits for Mount Sinai Health System

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