Screening Campaign Helps Patients Get Back on Track With Their Care

March 16, 2022

Heather Rose, director of marketing automation, UCHealth

“This past year was a year of transformation for UCHealth,” says Bill Altorfer of Cured. “Although such transformation during the COVID pandemic was challenging, it also gave rise to opportunities to improve patient experience in ways that weren’t initially on UCHealth’s strategic roadmap.”

Here’s an excerpt from Altorfer’s new article:

What began in the fall of 2019 as an implementation of a new CRM environment and a migration of marketing automation platforms progressed from foundational newsletter campaigns into multichannel consumer journeys incorporating a variety of first-party data sources.

Heather Rose, director of marketing automation at UCHealth, outlined the heightened sense of urgency to accelerate adoption of the new technology. “As COVID progressed, we were getting reports of people skipping or delaying screenings and therefore coming in with more progressed illnesses,” she says.

Reaching the right patient at the right time has been a driving principle behind UCHealth’s marketing automation and patient communication strategies from the get-go. With new technology in place, powered by first-party data streams, there were suddenly opportunities for UCHealth’s marketing team to play a critical role in facilitating needed encounters. Screening reminders seemed like a natural place to start.

“Screening campaigns were an opportunity to get in front of the curve, take one simple screening, and get people back on track. And screening mammograms were a perfect place to start,” Rose says.

UCHealth began sending automated screening reminders via a pilot campaign focused on mammography screenings. For qualified individuals, UCHealth sent an automated reminder email explaining the benefits of mammography screenings and encouraging consumers to schedule their screening.

The pilot campaign has been a resounding success. Read the full story now and learn more:

The Right Patient at the Right Time: How UCHealth Uses Automated Messaging to Drive Patient Retention

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