SEO Lessons Learned by Integris Health

April 1, 2013

by Mark S. Gothberg

Mark-GothbergBased in Oklahoma City, Integris Health is the state’s largest health system. The market is extremely competitive, with four health sys­tems aggressively promoting their services through television and other traditional media, thus making strong website traffic critical to Integris Health’s business success. As with most provider websites, search engines are a major source of traffic to the Integris site, but un­fortunately, before 2012 the organi­zation was not getting its fair share. In fact, its search-related traffic was dwarfed by its major competitor, OU Medicine. Working with an outside agency beginning in January 2012, Integris saw its search traffic rise by 24 percent during a nine-month period. Integris is now in the dominant position in the share of search traffic.

How Integris improved its search engine traffic and position was the subject of a presentation at the Sixteenth Annual Healthcare Inter­net Conference held in November in Las Vegas. Presenting were Todd Stogner, new media manager at Integris, and David Christopher, SEO manager at Opubco Commu­nications Group, an Oklahoma City firm that assisted Integris in it search engine optimization.

During their presentation and in a recent follow-up interview, Stogner and Christopher detail the key les­sons learned by Integris Health in its journey to improve search engine optimization.

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