Telemedicine – Zooming to New Heights

Virtual care is here to stay. // By Marcia Simon, APR // COVID-19 brought about the explosion of telemedicine for obvious reasons — quick and convenient access between patient and provider, maintaining patient load to prevent appointment cancellations, and — most important — safety for both patients and providers. “Why would I want to go Read More

Physician Social Media Strategies Used by Mayo Clinic

Lee Aase, director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

How many of your hospital’s physicians are active on social media? Most hospital marketing teams don’t know the answer, but they should, says Lee Aase, director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. Aase says that hospital physicians who engage in social media can impact reputation scores that account for about 25 percent of a Read More

Who’s In Charge of Your Brand Management? Google.

“Healthcare organizations are finding out that winning in today’s highly competitive and increasingly digital market requires a new approach — one that aligns marketing and brand management with patient experience (PX),” says Patric Wiesmann of “And that alignment is happening more often on Google and not your healthcare organization’s website.” Here’s an excerpt from Read More

Transparency: Consumers Have a Right to Know

Danny Fell

// By Daniel Fell // Should consumers choose doctors and hospitals based on how many stars they have? If not, then what information should consumers and patients use in determining where to go for healthcare services? Rating healthcare providers by the number of stars they have may be overly simplistic, but the majority of consumers Read More