Why It’s Crucial To Be Proactive About Your Reviews and Star Ratings

November 11, 2020

Edward M. Rafalski, Ph.D., MPH, FACHE, chief strategy and marketing officer, BayCare Health System

“Now more than ever before, reviews and star ratings influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, especially in retail,” says Ed Rafalski, Ph.D., MPH, FACHE, chief strategy and marketing officer, BayCare Health System.

Here’s an excerpt from Ed’s new article:

When it comes to healthcare, consumers are factoring pandemic safety measures taken by physicians and care facilities into their decision-making, and they are paying close attention to consumer reviews when considering their healthcare options. Can healthcare systems use the same methods employed by Amazon and other retail giants to improve the patient experience, build deep customer relationships, and positively influence customer lifetime value (CLV)?

Ratings and reviews are public-facing forms of feedback that provide both quantitative and qualitative insights. While ratings provide a quantitative measure, analysis of reviews can provide thematic insights into the customer experience and create an opportunity for operational improvements. Customer comments on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp go beyond the clinical experience and can include feedback about billing, convenience, and cleanliness, among other themes.

The reputation of any healthcare organization — small or large ­­— can be advanced or damaged with ratings and reviews posted online.

Health systems and physicians face threats of dissatisfied customers, disgruntled former employees, and the ongoing spread of negative and potentially libelous information. Adoption of online reputation management (ORM) and customer relationship management (CRM) strategies allows health systems to manage reviews and influence the conversation.

Proactive ORM includes developing strategies to engage with consumers in real-time and identify opportunities for improvement. Healthcare organizations can benefit from online feedback, another indicator of patient experience.

Online reviews also provide organizations with valuable information about how their service offerings or incentives are received by customers. Online patient feedback can be integrated into the organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform which can help drive marketing decisions, assist customer service teams, and enhance the patient experience.

Read the full article now to learn more: The Economic Value of Star Ratings and Reviews in Healthcare

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