Ten Best Practices for Creating Great Landing Pages

March 1, 2013

by Heather Schwartz

Heather SchwartzIt seems rather elementary. A mar­keting campaign seeks to get con­sumers to respond to a special offer. While the promotion may tell con­sumers to directly contact a call center to participate in the offer, in most cases, consumers will look for a link to a website to learn more. In that situation, as illogical as it might seem, many promotions send in­quirers to the home page of the organization’s website or the page of a service section. It is much more effective, however, to send prospects to a page that is specifically geared to the campaign. For example, if po­tential customers execute a Google search for “minimally invasive surgery,” then see an ad to “attend a seminar on minimally invasive sur­gery” and click on it, they expect to be taken to a page that specially addresses a seminar on minimally invasive surgery.

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