The Power of Personalized Patient Retention Marketing

November 27, 2023

How Virtua Health tracked marketing efforts to revenue dollars and patient outcomes.

// By Wendy Margolin //


Imagine tracking the direct patient journey from receiving a piece of marketing content to undergoing life-saving surgery. You could measure the direct correlation of your hospital marketing communication team’s effort to improve patient outcomes. It’s every healthcare marketer’s dream — to save lives while also proving your department’s worth.

That’s precisely what Virtua Health’s marketing team managed to do using customer relationship management (CRM) software and predictive AI to inform the health system’s marketing campaigns.

What they accomplished seems like marketing magic.

Here’s just one patient-specific example from the southern New Jersey academic health system:

Meet Angela. She’s an actual patient, although that’s not her real name. She was a 52-year-old primary care patient at Virtua Health when a predictive AI model identified her to be in the highest percentile of risk for breast cancer. The marketing team sent her an initial email outreach message about breast health with a downloadable guide, as well as a resend email. She did not open either message.

Five months later, they sent another outreach email, tweaking the messaging to ask if she’d been putting off her mammogram. This time, Angela opened it. The following week, she had an appointment with her primary care physician, received an order for a mammogram, and two weeks later, had a consult with a Virtua breast surgeon and additional testing. Her breast cancer diagnosis was confirmed. Two months after opening a marketing breast health email, Angela underwent breast cancer surgery.

That email campaign was the trigger that connected Angela to the right services and clinicians she needed, with the ultimate outcome of a treatment plan that saved her life.

Read on to learn how Virtua Health achieved the goal of reaching patients with the right message at the right time, growing service line revenue, and more importantly, adding years to patients’ lives.

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