Turn Your Content Into Action: How Knowledge Graph Integration Helps Drive Conversions

August 30, 2023

Matt Klawitter, senior digital access strategist at Beacon Health System

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: Content is king. But content on its own — even expert, authoritative, and trustworthy content — doesn’t automatically help patients find the right doctor and make an appointment online.

“We had the hypothesis that we have this great content … but how do we then use it to generate appointments?” asks Matt Klawitter, senior digital access strategist at Beacon Health System. “Because if we have great content that’s not generating appointments, then it’s not really great content for us.”

Beacon Health System was the first healthcare organization in Indiana to become a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. As part of the collaboration, Beacon has access to Mayo Clinic’s knowledge resources, teams of specialists, second opinions, and more.

When Beacon connected the Mayo Clinic content to its website back in 2020, Klawitter says, “We got huge increases in page views. But we weren’t seeing the conversions to appointments.”

But when Beacon combined the content with knowledge graph technology, things changed dramatically. During a session at the 2023 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies conference in April, Klawitter and Carrie Liken, head of industry, healthcare at Yext, shared how Beacon’s innovative approach improved the patient appointment scheduling experience.

Find out how Beacon Health cracked the code to turn healthcare content into action—and discover how knowledge graph integration can help drive conversions in your own health system—in our new article: How Beacon Health System Leverages Content to Drive Online Appointments

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