Why Facebook Ads Are Uniquely Positioned To Deliver Results for Healthcare Marketers

October 5, 2016
Michael Sengbusch, General Manager, Digital Marketing Cloud at InfluenceHealth

Michael Sengbusch, General Manager, Digital Marketing Cloud at InfluenceHealth

Last year, we spoke with Michael Sengbusch, then Chief Technology Officer at Brightwhistle, about Facebook advertising trends like custom audiences and lookalike audiences. We asked Sengbusch, now General Manager, Digital Marketing Cloud at InfluenceHealth, to give us an update on paid advertising on Facebook for hospitals and health systems.

He continues to be very bullish on Facebook, and believes the platform has unique properties that make it a valuable and affordable for hospital and health system advertisers. “The two reasons we like Facebook for healthcare are: (1) it combines three types of media—earned, owned, and paid, and (2) it works great for the side of healthcare that is around prevention and wellness,” he says.

“Facebook is the only medium that combines all three [media types],” Sengbusch says. “It’s earned because people can like, or comment, or share that piece of content, so it’s instantly validated. What gives it more credibility is that it’s also owned. It’s coming directly from your Facebook page. Consumers can see how many fans you have, and how many are their friends. And last, you can pay to promote it.

For more about how this works, why Facebook is the best venue for marketers seeking to grow a mobile audience, and how a new Facebook ad unit is generating “amazing results,” read the full interview now: What Are the Latest Trends in Facebook Advertising for Hospitals?

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