Why Health Systems Might Be Relying Too Much on CRM Data

November 30, 2022

CRM Data Management ReportHealthcare organizations use customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to manage patient information, appointments, and communications. If your organization uses a CRM system to engage patients, you may think the data in your system is clean, accurate, and reliable. But a recent study suggests that health systems may be putting too much trust into the accuracy of their CRM data.

Validity recently surveyed more than 1,200 CRM users from more than 600 organizations across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The results weren’t good, revealing that users have unfounded confidence in the quality of their data. While the survey was of CRM users from all types of organizations, the lessons are likely to apply to healthcare.

According to the survey, there are wide-ranging interpretations of the term “high-quality data,” but it generally requires accurate, complete, reliable, relevant, timely, and valid data.

When asked about specific data quality issues that can seriously affect their ability to use their CRM systems successfully, respondents gave the following answers:

  • Missing or incomplete data — 56 percent
  • Incorrect data — 46 percent
  • Duplicate data — 44 percent
  • Expired data — 35 percent

In a recent article, we share highlights from the report, “The State of CRM Data Management 2022.” You’ll discover three common causes of low-quality data and learn four steps your organization can take to help make sure the data in your CRM system is accurate and high quality.

Read the full article here: Do Hospitals and Health Systems Put Too Much Trust in Their CRM Data?

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