Why Accurate Customer Data Is So Crucial – and Complex

September 15, 2021
Daniel Fell, Optum

Daniel Fell, Optum

“The data needed to run a modern healthcare marketing program is becoming vaster and more complex every day, and marketers will require ever more sophisticated tools to manage this data more efficiently and effectively in the future,” says Daniel Fell.

Fell is a senior strategist with Optum and a member of the eHealthcare Strategy & Trends Editorial Advisory Board. Read on for an excerpt from his new article about customer data platforms:

According to a recent State of Marketing report from Salesforce, the median number of data sources used by marketers grew 50 percent from 2019 to 2021. Marketing data — and specifically customer data — is critical to everything from strategic planning and new-customer acquisition to patient engagement and customer retention.

Better customer data can also drive better performance. The report points to a finding that marketers from “high-performing organizations” are, on average, five times more satisfied with the timeliness and quality of their marketing data, their ability to unify customer identities, and the integration of customer data across the organization.

According to Gartner’s Marketing Data and Analytics Survey 2020, half of the respondents in their global survey currently have a customer data platform (CDP) to help automate first-party data collection and consolidate customer profiles. And 79 percent expect to have one in place over the next three years. Within healthcare, the penetration of these platforms is much smaller, but interest and investments in customer data platforms are growing.

Read the full article now: How Customer Data Platforms Can Power More Consumer-Driven Opportunities in Healthcare

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