5 Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Help CIOs Create a Better Hospital Patient Portal Experience

March 18, 2015

Getting patients engaged in their health is a priority of healthcare transformation, and the patient portal is a big part of the strategy. But the portal experience can leave you cold. Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist at White Rhino shares, “I appreciate the communications I receive from my provider’s patient portal, but the interface experience repeatedly fails me.”

Shawn Gross is Chief Digital Strategist at White Rhino

Shawn Gross is Chief Digital Strategist at White Rhino

Gross believes marketers have a lot to offer when it comes to designing a better patient portal. After all, attracting the attention of consumers and getting them to take a desired action is what marketers do.

The patient portal is part of the electronic health record, managed by the IT department, typically with very little if any input from marketing. Gross thinks this should change, and offers some great tips for marketers to help hospital CIOs bring patient portals to life.

In the latest installment of Ask the Expert, Gross discusses questions like:

  • Who does dashboard interface well?
  • How do you make it easier for patients to access the portal?
  • How can integrated apps drive service line volume?

And that’s just a start. To discover all 5 ways he recommends, read the full article: What Can Healthcare Marketers Do To Make Patient Portals More Compelling?

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