Artificial Intelligence: A Consumer’s Guide to Your Healthcare Organization’s Website

December 20, 2017

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Brian Gresh with caption, “Brian Gresh, president of Loyal

Brian Gresh, president of Loyal

The media, including social media, are buzzing about AI, or artificial intelligence. As of this writing in late November, the top trending article on Facebook is “Facebook Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Spot Suicidal Tendencies in Its Users.” On LinkedIn, it is “Where Will AI Increase and Decrease Costs in Healthcare?”

Is AI just the latest craze, or does it have potential to positively impact healthcare? Brian Gresh, newly appointed president of Loyal, and former executive director, digital and content marketing at Cleveland Clinic, is betting that AI-enabled digital tools will turn information into insight for consumers, and help them make better healthcare decisions. “But beyond that,” he asks, “how do we package that information in a way that makes it all seem less daunting for the consumer to get answers, easier for them to process and make an informed decision?”

Founded as Transparently in 2015 and recently rebranded as Loyal, the company’s earliest solution, Empower, enables healthcare providers to easily publish star ratings and comments from patients, giving consumers the tools and information they need to evaluate and choose physicians.

Chad Mallory, founder and CEO, Loyal

Chad Mallory, founder and CEO, Loyal

Loyal’s latest solution, Guide, takes information gathering to the next level, using artificial intelligence. “Transparently was founded on the idea that consumers need access to more information to make the best healthcare decisions,” says Chad Mallory, founder and CEO. “We learned that more information wasn’t necessarily enough. Consumers also want to be walked through this complicated journey.”

Can machine learning help consumers better navigate healthcare’s complexities? Perhaps it’s a start. Here, we’ll see how Loyal implements Guide on hospital websites, and how consumers and organizations benefit.

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