Boost Your Conversions and Improve Health Outcomes with Superior User Experiences

May 29, 2024

Marc Needham

“Great user experiences don’t just boost conversions. They demonstrate respect for patients’ time, create a sense of trust, and improve health outcomes,” writes Marc Needham.

“Math and I never got along very well when I was a kid. I scraped by but found it difficult to get excited about the subject, a fact reflected in my grades.

“As an adult I’ve found a genuine enthusiasm for numbers (particularly in spreadsheets) and have developed a better understanding of why little kid Marc didn’t care. It turns out I need the numbers to be connected to something that matters.

“In junior high math class, the concepts were abstract and equations were solved because that’s what the teachers demanded of us.

“As a healthcare marketer, I’ve got numbers I can connect to things I care about deeply — numbers like Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) that can help me keep my job and justify next year’s marketing budget.

“Also, numbers like conversion rates from specific sections of my funnel that tell me where and when patients have a hard time getting past a step.

“Those two sets of numbers alone, combined, tell a story and turn math into something you can use to make a very real difference in the lives of people you serve.”

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