Chris Boyer Explains the Potential of Capacity Marketing

April 6, 2022

Chris Boyer, vice president of digital strategy & marketing intelligence, Beth Israel Lahey Health

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals around the country are learning how to deal with its lasting effects on hospital operations. Some health systems are developing a new marketing style to best match patient needs with available services.

To learn more about this shift in marketing focus, we spoke with Chris Boyer, vice president of digital strategy & marketing intelligence, Beth Israel Lahey Health in Boston, Massachusetts.

eHST: Chris, you’ve spoken about a new marketing technique that some health systems are starting to use called capacity marketing. Would you please explain the goals of capacity marketing and why your health system and others are beginning to use it?

CB: Capacity marketing combines the definition of marketing with the idea that healthcare capacity requires the right teams working together with the right equipment, tools, and the correct approaches to deliver the best care and treatment.

eHST: How has the concept of capacity marketing changed during the different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic?

CB: In the early pandemic era, we rushed into telemedicine and virtual care. It was a quick way to solve the problem of providing access to care. We also know that many patients stopped their healthcare during that time. Telemedicine is still important, but it’s now shifting to being more integrated into the overall care continuum. That’s because patients still prefer a touch of in-person care.

Read the full conversation with Chris now:

Is Capacity Marketing the Next Step for Health Systems? Ask the Expert, with Chris Boyer, Vice President of Digital Strategy & Marketing Intelligence, Beth Israel Lahey Health

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