Crucial Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Healthcare Organization’s Website

January 27, 2016
Chris Behan

Chris Behan, President and Founder of Socius Marketing

“A complete redesign and development of your website can be a daunting process for any size organization, and the challenges posed may be wide-ranging,” says Chris Behan, President and Founder of Socius Marketing in Tampa, FL.

“If all goes well, there is much to gain, and organizations can move forward rapidly. But more often than not, things may be missed during a site redesign, setting organizations back by months, or even years.”

In our new story, Behan provides six critical factors to pay close attention to during your website redesign that will help you avoid unintended consequences.

1. CMS Selection and Ownership

“Perhaps the single biggest consideration in redesigning a website is the CMS, or content management system you select,” Behan says. “Your CMS should offer a high level of security, while also being scalable to fit your organization’s needs. Also, consider which departments will access the CMS and be sure they are comfortable working with it, or can be easily trained.”

2. Page Migration

“Effectively and efficiently moving existing pages from your current website to the new system takes detailed planning. First, you need to identify evergreen pages that stay up-to-date over time, and make sure they live in the new site structure. Then identify pages that you’ll be removing completely as well as those that become dated quickly. Blogs can often create issues when moving pages. You don’t want to lose blog posts, but blogs by their very nature have dated content that may become obsolete,” Behan says.

For Behan’s remaining four critical factors to keep in mind, including best practices for naming URLs and testing site functionality pre-launch, read our new article now: Ask the Expert: What Are the Critical Factors to Consider During a Website Redesign?

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