Optimizing Healthcare Content for Mobile: Win Your Consumer’s “Micro-Moments” with Google’s AMP

January 31, 2018

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When it comes to webpage content, a mobile-first mindset is crucial. As of January 2017, some 77 percent of Americans owned a smartphone, and roughly 1 in 10 of those users relied on smartphones to access the internet.

With this growing user base in mind, Google created the Accelerated Mobile Page Project (AMP) in 2016. The open-sourced project aims to improve the content experience for mobile users by creating pages that load almost instantly (regular mobile pages typically take 7-10 seconds to load).

David Sturtz, digital strategy director at Geonetric

David Sturtz, digital strategy director at Geonetric

“AMP pages are ‘lightweight’ web pages that are built using stripped-down code called AMP HTML,” says David Sturtz, digital strategy director at Geonetric, a web development and creative services agency specializing in healthcare.

The modified AMP code helps search engines fetch the information and render it quickly – sometimes even before the user clicks the link. In addition to fast loading, the information from AMP pages can be cached, which also helps speed up loading times. What does this mean for marketers? Put simply, implementing AMP into mobile content can translate into increased brand favorability and more click-throughs.

AMP is all about improving the user experience, and that certainly applies to healthcare consumers. Using AMP pages can help give your hospital or practice an advantage over competitors who are still relying on traditional mobile content.

“AMP is an added opportunity for healthcare marketers to give the most useful information to users when they need it the most,” says Jennifer Kobylar, director of social content management at Media Logic, a marketing agency that also specializes in healthcare. “Winning these ‘micro-moments,’ as Google calls them, can give a brand a competitive advantage.”

Read our full story to learn more about the AMP project, and how healthcare marketers can work it into their web content strategy:

What Is AMP and How Can It Help My Healthcare Brand?

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