Healthcare Digital Transformation: 9 Key Elements for Success

May 22, 2024

Allison Minutillo

AMCs are places where the quest for knowledge intertwines seamlessly with the commitment to healing. At the heart of every Academic Medical Center (AMC) beats a rhythm of innovation and progress.

Now, overlay a complex digital ecosystem, where innovation is the currency of progress. In this dynamic landscape there’s a formidable challenge looming on the horizon: transformation. It’s not just about updating websites or integrating electronic health records; it’s about the intricate dance between academia and healthcare, embracing change while preserving the core values that define them.

It’s critical to understand the rapid digital transformation of AMCs due to a convergence of factors within both healthcare and education.

In a new article, Allison Minutillo explores the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment plan needed to achieve healthy digital transformations, including:

  • Six key drivers of digital transformation.
  • Six universal challenges.
  • Nine key elements driving success.

Read the full article to see how your digital project could become a catalyst for transformation within your organization: Navigating the Minefield of Academic Medical Center Digital Transformations

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