Technology That Engages Patients Emotionally

August 23, 2017
Shawn Gross, chief digital at White Rhino

Shawn Gross, chief digital at White Rhino

“The robotic yet charming voice of Alexa can help you find a good movie, make a payment on your credit card, get airline fares for a trip to Dublin, or see how many calories are in the banana you’re eating,” notes Shawn Gross, Chief Digital Strategist at White Rhino.

“With an estimated 11 million devices sold, the Amazon Echo is quickly becoming a trend for innovative customer experience (CX). And healthcare is no exception. Mount Sinai is using Alexa to help patients find a doctor. Boston Children’s Hospital is using it to provide fever and medication advice,” he says.

How do you know if an Alexa app—or some other experience—is the right investment? Read our new article now and find out:

Alexa, Find Me a Doctor

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