2019: Change and Competition for Healthcare Marketers

November 27, 2019

Ben Dillon, chief strategy officer, Geonetric

“Toward the beginning of a new year, everyone gets excited about trends,” says Ben Dillon of Geonetric. “But trends don’t start or end in a single year. Sometimes they are more of a movement, something that has been building momentum over the past several years.”

In our new article, Dillon takes a look back on what healthcare marketers focused on in 2019 and what’s likely around the corner in 2020. Here’s an excerpt.

2019 saw a continuation of healthcare organizations owning more of the financial risk around their patients. Value-based care models are changing the fundamental relationships among payers, providers, and consumers.

Change and competition impacted healthcare marketing in several ways in 2019:

  • Continuing the Rise of Consumerism: Healthcare marketers have been working for years to get consumers engaged and are now focused on helping them make better decisions. Consumerism isn’t a new trend for 2019, but the movement of supporting consumers as they become more active in their healthcare decisions has seen a new focus on initiatives like access to care and transparency.
  • Moving Beyond the Checkbox: Over the past year, more healthcare organizations have realized that simply checking the box isn’t enough. Today, leading organizations are doing a lot more. They’re offering functionality that better meets user and organizational needs, feeds their robust marketing tech stacks, and delivers measurable value.
  • Focusing on Strategy: This year marked an important shift, when healthcare marketing moved past reaction and into planning. Many organizations are now doing the digital strategy planning before jumping into tactics and, in many cases, they’re doing it as part of a broader digital transformation for the organization.

For the rest of the article, including a look ahead at 2020, read the full article now: Trends, Predictions, and the User Experience Movement

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