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July 24, 2019
Chris Pace, senior director of digital marketing at Banner Health

Chris Pace, senior director of digital marketing at Banner Health

Marketing teams frequently ask how to structure teams, develop leaders, and address consumers. In our new article by Jared Johnson, Chris Pace, senior director of digital marketing at Banner Health, shares his perspective on how to overcome these common challenges and win as a team. Here’s an excerpt:

eHST: In general, where should healthcare marketers focus today, and how is it different from two to three years ago?

CP: The full attention has shifted to the needs of the consumer, not just the patient. We are all consumers, and we all engage with big brands constantly throughout our digital journeys. The healthcare industry must respond and be present in the same ways that Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix are in our lives: authentic, frictionless, and highly aligned with brand promises.

This is quite different from three years ago, when the focus was specific to the patient experience.

eHST: The marketing team at Banner Health recently won the 2019 Marketers That Matter award for Customer Experience for its “Digital Front Door” initiatives. Can you briefly describe the Digital Front Door and its rollout?

CP: Digital Front Door is Banner’s answer to consumerism in the digital space. We mapped out our consumer’s journey to become a patient and identified very specific friction points that could possibly be solved with a digital solution. Digital Front Door addresses all the pain points that can occur in a call-in, click-in, or walk-in encounter.

Read the full article now: Creating the Winning Healthcare Marketing Team

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