What Digital Marketers Should Take Away from 2020

July 22, 2020
Andy Gradel, director of Digital Marketing, Wolters Kluwer

Andy Gradel, director of digital marketing for Wolters Kluwer, Health

“It’s hard to believe we’re only seven months into 2020, which has brought us enough twists and turns to last a decade,” says Andy Gradel, director of digital marketing for Wolters Kluwer, Health.

“From a global pandemic and coast-to-coast protests over police practices to a presidential impeachment and even murder hornets, the 24-hour news cycle has been true to its name.”

Here’s an excerpt from Gradel’s new article:

Digital teams at organizations of all kinds have had to quickly adapt to changing rules and expectations from internal and external audiences. For healthcare organizations, the stakes were extremely high, with patients, caregivers, and families seeking information and, in many cases, reassurance about their safety.

Amid the challenges, it has also been a year that has shone a bright spotlight on the importance of digital marketers getting the basics right, the significance of timing, and consistent messaging that doesn’t sound like an echo in the marketing chamber.

Staying one step ahead of the Google zeitgeist can be an exercise in frustration that rivals scratch-off lottery tickets. Sometimes, though, the stars align, and you actually manage to create content that’s just far enough ahead of the curve.

Read the rest of the story for four key lessons digital marketers have already learned this year:

Digital Marketing Lessons We’ve Relearned (So Far) in 2020

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