Think You’re Not in the Customer Service Business? Think Again.

May 31, 2017
Kyra Hagan

Kyra Hagen, senior vice president and general manager, marketing & communications, Influence Health

“Outside of healthcare, customer experience drives business,” notes Kyra Hagan, senior vice president and general manager, marketing & communications at Influence Health.

“Retailers and hospitality providers have realized explosive revenue growth and brand loyalty by deploying best practices in customer engagement. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has fallen behind by not truly treating prospects and patients like customers,” she says.

Hagan believes healthcare organizations can build loyalty and gain a competitive advantage by closing the gap between customer expectations and actuality.

“Consumers are just as likely to switch providers as they are to switch hotels,” she says. “Earning loyalty requires valuing consumers’ feelings, opinions, and experience across touch points, from research, selection, and treatment to recovery.”

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Learning to Treat Healthcare Consumers Like Customers

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