Healthgrades’ Acquisition Creates New, Comprehensive Platform

February 19, 2020
Rob Draughon, CEO, Healthgrades

Rob Draughon, CEO, Healthgrades

On January 7, Healthgrades announced its acquisition of consumer and physician engagement company Evariant. The combined assets of the two high-profile health tech companies create a comprehensive platform that Healthgrades CEO Rob Draughon hopes will be the right solution to meet the needs of the industry at a time of rapid growth and consolidation.

“As a lot of customers are growing, we need to grow with them, and really it’s all about scale,” says Draughon. “They need vendors that can scale with them and address more of their needs and have the infrastructure to support them.”

We asked why Healthgrades, which has a CRM platform of its own, would find Evariant an attractive acquisition target, after “competing with them fiercely” over the past several years. Draughon explains that Evariant’s platform is aligned with Salesforce. “Salesforce has gained strength in the healthcare market enterprise-wide, across call center functions, sales functions — everything, including marketing,” he says. “Salesforce is the dominant player.”

“As we started talking, we were looking mainly to combine on the CRM space and the Salesforce capabilities,” says Draughon. “We found that [Evariant’s] products were very complementary and there was very little overlap other than CRM. It gave us an end-to-end solution to offer more across the enterprise — not just the marketing department — and to address the growth issues that a lot of our customers are having as they consolidate.”

Read the full story now: Healthgrades Acquisition of Evariant Creates End-to-End Solution to Accelerate Growth for Health Systems

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