How TikTok Can Be an Ideal Channel for Hospital Marketing

December 27, 2023

In December 2021, Callista Dammann and Jody Ganschinietz sat in their boss’s office watching a short homemade video on repeat. They were about to attempt what teens and young adults do daily by riding on the coattails of the latest viral TikTok video content. But the stakes were high for these two, serving as senior members of the social media team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Jody Ganschinietz

Jody Ganschinietz, social media strategist at Nationwide Children’s

Nationwide Children’s is among the first major U.S. academic hospitals to jump on the TikTok content train. Healthcare marketers tend to be later adopters of new technology, but the marketing communications team at Nationwide takes pride in being among the first of its peers to test new media.

Two years ago, Nationwide’s team held their breath and pressed “Post.”

They haven’t looked back since.

Like most hospital marketing teams, Dammann and Ganschinietz are seasoned content producers of blogs, infographics, and print material. A video marketing team creates the hospital’s polished marketing-focused videos. Obviously, says Dammann, “That’s not the content people want on TikTok. We had to learn how to create authentic video content.”

Read our new article to learn how the social media team got the green light to launch its TikTok page and how it has attracted a large audience.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why TikTok is so attractive as a marketing channel and how it can help your hospital or health system reach new audiences
  • The three-tiered approach Nationwide Children’s took to develop the channel
  • Why leadership buy-in is critical for success when launching a new social media channel
  • 6 tips for launching TikTok at your own healthcare organization.

And be sure to keep reading to see which TikTok video from Nationwide Children’s attracted 5 million views — and watch it.

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