A New Tool That Could Transform Your Patient Communications

March 21, 2018

Progressive Web App (PWA) Characteristics

What if you could make your website more engaging and easier to access for patients on the go — even when they don’t have access to the internet — while improving your electronic communication and reducing your costs? While this may sound like a tall order, progressive web apps (PWAs) can help you accomplish all of this and more, according to Michael Spinosa, CEO of Unleashed Technologies.

Not familiar with how PWAs work? You’re probably already using them in your daily life without even knowing it. Think of the Lyft app you use to order rides on your smartphone. Or the way you check your bank balance and transfer funds with a swipe of your screen. Or how you follow the latest NFL scores while you wait in line at the grocery store. If a PWA is done right, you shouldn’t even have to stop to think that you are using one.

In the simplest terms, PWAs are apps housed on the internet that can be downloaded to the user’s mobile phone and allow him or her to get the convenience of a mobile app with the speed and ease of today’s web technologies. 

PWAs are Google’s brainchild, which Spinosa says grew out of Google’s desire to provide a consistent experience for users on different platforms, operating systems, and system versions, and cut out the need for different code bases required by traditional mobile applications. This streamlines the process for organizations, allowing one PWA to be used on all platforms regardless of form factor, especially mobile devices. In addition, PWAs are discoverable via Google searches, unlike native mobile applications.

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