Newly Formed Prisma Health Aims for Better Patient Access with Revamped Provider Directory Tools

June 4, 2019

// By Melanie Graham //

These days, a health system’s digital front door is more important than ever. Your website and online provider directory can be the difference between an appointment at your clinic, and one at your competitor’s.

So, when it came time for South Carolina’s Palmetto Health and Greenville Health System to merge and form Prisma Health, they knew they needed to approach their new provider directory with a focus on patient access.

Nick Patel, MD, chief digital officer, Prisma Health

Nick Patel, MD, chief digital officer, Prisma Health

“Even before the merger was complete, we started looking at online access tools,” says Nick Patel, MD, chief digital officer of Prisma Health. “Both organizations made it a high priority to remove barriers of access to patients.”

Developing the new directory would be a massive undertaking. Officially rebranded Prisma Health in January 2019, the newly merged health system includes 3,241 providers on staff; 1,692 affiliated providers; and 18 hospitals. Plus, Palmetto and Greenville each had its own credentialing and electronic health record systems, making provider information siloed, complicated, and inconsistent.

To tackle this project, Prisma Health tapped Kyruus, which offers enterprise-wide patient access and provider data management solutions for health systems. The partnership meant Prisma Health would take advantage of a few of Kyruus’ key products, including its provider data management platform (KyruusOne®) that helps supply information to the consumer-facing provider directory and scheduling system (ProviderMatch for Consumers), as well as a provider matching and scheduling platform for Prisma Health’s call center (ProviderMatch for Access Centers).

With the Kyruus tools in place, Prisma Health will be able to consolidate its provider directories into one robust resource that can help match patients with the right doctor or specialist to fit their needs.

“We’re focused on getting patients to the right providers regardless of how they go about seeking care,” says Emma Smith, vice president of marketing at Kyruus. “And better matching starts with better data.”

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