Remote Patient Monitoring

When Will Healthcare Be Ready for 5G?

Larry Kaiser, vice president of marketing and communications, Optimum Healthcare IT

// By Jared Johnson // As healthcare’s digital transformation continues, many providers and patients are beginning to dig into what 5G can bring. Industry leaders seem to be in general agreement that 5G will bring new opportunities to deliver on some of digital health’s revolutionary promises, but that we are still years away from devices Read More

Technology’s Impact on Patient Care and Delivery of Services

Matthew Holt

Technology is drastically changing how we live. This is particularly evident in healthcare, where technology like wearable devices such as Apple Watch give users updates on their health in real time. That same technology is opening up new avenues for healthcare organizations to connect with chronically ill patients. The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Read More

Nemours Children’s Launches Clinical Logistics Center, Bringing Air Traffic Control Strategies to Healthcare

Nemours Children's Health System Logo

More than a decade ago, Stephen Lawless, MD, senior vice president and chief clinical officer at Nemours Children’s Health System, recognized similarities between hospitals and airports, and decided to adopt an air traffic control “command center” model to streamline operations in the Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando. Nemours’ initiative, called the Clinical Logistics Center, is Read More

Is a Central “Command Center” in Your Future?

Learn how one health system developed a centralized unit to monitor its pediatric patients. // By Lisa D. Ellis // Managing the many events and crises that occur in a major children’s hospital requires a lot of oversight and coordination, not unlike skills used by air traffic controllers who coordinate flight patterns for busy airports. Read More