What Type of App Should You Implement?

September 29, 2021

Jared Mauskopf, CEO, Medical Web Experts

“Healthcare organizations are increasingly under enormous pressure to offer the best digital tools to their patients,” says Jared Mauskopf, CEO of Medical Web Experts. “But before you set out to develop a healthcare application, you’ll need to make a number of key decisions — not least whether you should opt for a mobile app or a web app.”

Here’s an excerpt from Mauskopf’s new article.

The choice you make at this early stage of the process has implications for development time, cost, accessibility for patients, and how certain features perform in the app. In order to reach the right decision, it’s important to weigh the priorities and needs of both patients and staff, as well as the budget and urgency of your project.

As the names suggest, web apps are applications that run in a web browser, while mobile apps are applications that can be downloaded onto a smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Web apps tend to be much cheaper and quicker to develop than mobile apps and offer much of the same functionality. If your developer uses a versatile coding language such as React Native, your web app can also be converted into a mobile app at a later date. Conversely, turning a mobile app into a web app is a lot more difficult.

For this reason, many organizations adopt a phased approach to the development of their new application, starting with a web app and building it into a mobile app later.

Read the full article now for some important information that may assist you in deciding on the type of healthcare application that’s best suited to your organization:

Mobile App or Web App: Which Is Better for Your Organization?

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