What Are the Top Digital Priorities as We Move Out of the Pandemic?

April 21, 2021
Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

We’re fortunate at eHealthcare Strategy & Trends to have a talented and dedicated group of advisors with diverse backgrounds and experience — senior executives from leading healthcare organizations, digital agencies, and consulting groups.

So when we wanted to get a broad perspective on where things are likely to go as we move out of the COVID-19 crisis and enter a new phase, we tapped our own editorial advisory board members.

They weighed in on many of the challenges facing healthcare organizations in the coming months and years, such as: why brand loyalty has eroded and how to rebuild it, the need for mature omnichannel strategies, pandemic-driven innovation and where it will land post-pandemic, new care models supported by remote monitoring, talent development in support of digital transformation, and more.

Ben Dillon of Geonetric says, “Be aggressive! Consumers’ relationship to healthcare has evolved over the course of the pandemic. Right now, consumers have a very positive opinion of healthcare in general, particularly hospitals, because of the work that they’ve done to care for people suffering from COVID-19.

“At the same time, we’ve seen brand loyalty in healthcare erode. This has occurred for a lot of reasons — poorly handled cancellations, difficulties rescheduling, or simply being forced to work with a new healthcare organization for care has shown consumers that it was a reasonable option after all.”

Read the full story now for more insights from Dillon and other members of our board:

Ask the Expert: As we come out of the pandemic, what are the top digital priorities for healthcare organizations as they get back to business?

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