Unleash the Dragon and Up Your Social Media Performance

August 18, 2020

// By Amy Houck //

When creating a social media campaign, a few simple steps can optimize social media performance. Following the DRAGON Method will put healthcare marketers on the best track to success:

  1. Duplicate top-performing ads.
  2. Retarget website visitors.
  3. Actively test new copy and creatives.
  4. Get rid of poor-performing ads.
  5. Optimize and repeat.
  6. Never be afraid to push boundaries.

1. Duplicate top-performing ads.

Review top ads weekly. Every 24 hours, you should look for small changes, and every 15 days, perform an in-depth analysis of all content. Analyze your results based on the campaign’s goals. For example, if your campaign was to drive traffic, you will need to measure how much you spend, your total link clicks, your CPC (cost per click), and your CTR (click-through rate). This will allow you to identify trends. Assuming you have multiple ads running to the same audience, you will want to analyze which ads perform best based on the same measurements listed above. Share these insights with your creative team so they can align the content.

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