Using Today’s MarTech to Delight Customers

February 18, 2020

Ask the Expert, with Scott Brinker, Editor,

// By Jared Johnson //

Marketing technology, or MarTech, is essential for improving the experience we deliver to customers and the efficiency by which we allow those customer journeys to happen. But a lot has changed in a relatively short amount of time, so we need to understand that it’s impossible for any one person, one team, or one company to have their MarTech stack running perfectly smoothly at this point.

Scott Brinker, editor of, shares encouraging insights on how to evolve a MarTech strategy, why it matters, and where to start.

eHST: What is the biggest difference between MarTech now vs. MarTech five years ago?

Scott Brinker, editor of

Scott Brinker, editor of

SB: The first thing we typically observe is the scale and innovation in the MarTech space, which has grown from 100-200 vendors to now more than 7,000. But I think the more fundamental change of the past five years is the professionalization of marketing technology management. Chief marketing officers increasingly recognize MarTech as one of the functions that needs a department to be able to operate. We see budgets now exclusively allocated not only for the tools but for the talent. There are now individuals who do this as a career.

Five years ago, this was a very ad hoc initiative. Now it’s become a pretty significant part of the picture. That’s really cool to see!

eHST: You recently reported on how “the war between marketing and IT is over.” Can you describe the “war” and what you think has led to this change?

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