What It Takes to Achieve CRM Success

February 27, 2023

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //


Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida knew it needed to consolidate its data and technology platforms to make them usable for marketing and to better serve consumers, patients, and internal stakeholders.

The rapid, COVID-driven pace of innovation that some saw as the pandemic’s silver lining is slowing down. As we pick up where we left off, we see that some of the challenges that were dogging provider organizations before the onset of the pandemic are still there. CRM is one example.

Many healthcare organizations that have invested in CRM solutions haven’t yet realized the potential. According to the latest research from Greystone.Net and Klein & Partners (Digital Healthcare Marketing Report – Wave 7), there is a widening gap between how provider organizations grade themselves on CRM effectiveness compared to social media, website strategy, digital marketing, and content strategy.

The reasons for the slow progress revolve around complexity, lack of resources, recent turmoil in the CRM vendor landscape, and organizational resistance to change — more than half of the survey respondents stated that the number-one challenge affecting overall digital marketing efforts is the difficulty of managing change in their organizations.

We wanted to find out who has had success in overcoming these challenges. Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida is one bright spot. It has been on a CRM journey for the past seven years that should give others hope that progress is possible — if there is strong organizational commitment to working through the obstacles.

Here, we look at what Baptist Health did, how they did it, and what they hope to accomplish next.

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