Are You Meeting Healthcare Consumer Expectations?

July 3, 2017

Insights from New Study of Healthcare Consumers’ Digital Experience

// By Becky Barney-Villano //

Retail has done it for years. Restaurants have, too. Even the banking industry is now meeting consumer expectations for on-demand services with such capabilities as mobile deposits, and complicated mortgages are being closed with a few clicks from a smartphone.

Healthcare is starting to catch up with other industries in terms of meeting consumer expectations in the age of smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology. Mobile check-ins for urgent-care appointments and digital doctor visits are becoming more commonplace, along with other web-based care delivery platforms. But as the results of a series of recent studies show, there is still an enormous digital divide between consumers and the health providers who care for them. And this time, it isn’t just millennials who are pushing the envelope.

The Upward Consumer Healthcare Experience Report was designed to quantify where healthcare consumers are in this digital journey. It compiles results from four different studies—in-person qualitative sessions and three quantitative studies that queried on a range of healthcare need states, from finding primary care through hospitalization.

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