Blogging Maximizes Impact and Reduces Workload for Nebraska Medicine

December 2, 2015
Crista Latham, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Communication

Crista Latham, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Communication

To say that the past couple of years at Nebraska Medicine have been a busy time would be an understatement. As if launching a new name and brand weren’t enough, Nebraska Medicine completed the clinical integration of three separate entities into one operating unit, all while dealing with the international press as one of three hospitals equipped to care for Americans exposed to Ebola during the peak of the crisis. On top of this, several staff members were out on extended leave during this time.

So how did they get it all done?

“Blogging actually became a way for us to maximize our impact, to expand our marketing team and deal with increased workload in a time of transition,” says Crista Latham, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Communication.

The team identified several areas targeted for growth, including cancer, neurological sciences, cardiovascular, bariatrics, and diabetes. When clinicians saw results and received recognition for their bylined posts, they became highly effective advocates for the blogging initiative. Latham shares that one physician told a newly hired physician, “I often have patients tell me they found me that way—trust these guys. They will help you.”

Blogging also became a key component in the launch of a new Comprehensive Bariatric Center. “One month into a six-week radio campaign to launch this new service, we were booked three weeks out,” says Latham. “So we scaled back and we decided to just monitor to find out if a planned second flight of advertising would be needed. It never was.”

For the full story behind Nebraska Medicine’s blogging success, read the full article now: Nebraska Medicine Launches Blogs, Reduces Spend on Traditional Media

Matt Humphrey

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