Engaging Audiences with Live Video Broadcasting

August 28, 2019

Tools like Facebook Live work, with upfront planning and strategic thinking

// By Sheryl S. Jackson //

Sheryl JacksonOn any given week across the state of Connecticut, there are broadcast segments on four local news networks, radio stations, and social media. What makes these segments different? They are all produced by an in-house strategic content and production team at Hartford HealthCare.

The team of four people responsible for developing content for Hartford HealthCare came to the health system with a background in broadcast journalism and experience in broadcast production. The challenge they faced was not a dearth of information to share with consumers. It was access to distribution channels — a commonly overlooked aspect of video and audio marketing strategies.

Rebecca Stewart, executive content strategist, Hartford HealthCare

Rebecca Stewart, executive content strategist, Hartford HealthCare

The availability of YouTube and Facebook Live has provided healthcare marketers with tools to produce and distribute content, but success depends on strategic decisions made beyond production of the live event or video. The Hartford HealthCare broadcast team has found the key to success and has reached almost a million people through live events on Facebook.

“We were content when content wasn’t cool,” says Rebecca Stewart, executive content strategist for the health system, as she describes her four-person team devoted to recorded and live broadcast content for the health system. “We’ve built a library of video content that has been used in multiple media, such as print, website, and social media, by other colleagues and members of the larger communications team.”

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